Thursday, November 25, 2004


Moving on Up!

Ok. A bit of a lean week in the world of poi, but I've done some new bits and bobs. They are:
  • Butterfly weave <-> TTN
  • Alternate butterfly
  • Mexican wave
  • Windmill (not too great yet)
I also seem to have lost the ability to do hyperloops, oh well! I think I'll have a session tonight to try and get some bits sorted.

I'm going to Falmouth on the 11th! Should be fun, maybe spin fire, maybe learn some new stuff. Oh, and Julie managed 3bt weave the other night, there's hope for her yet...

Thursday, November 18, 2004


Getting on...

Yay, Spherculism is coming back! Hopefully I'll be good enough to actually use it this time...

Anyway, back to the dull old process of listing my progress.

New tricks:
  • Hyperloop in 3bt weave right->left (quite bad)
  • Hyperloop in 3bt weave left->right (bad)
  • Improved butterfly weave and turns
I'm attempting to do windmills, butterfly weave <-> TTN, isolations, reels, wraps and stalls at the moment as well! Oh, and 5bt weave backwards. And BTB 3bt weave backwards. Damn, that's a lot!

Tuesday, November 16, 2004


30 Year Old Poi!

So, what did I do this weekend? Used some 30 year old, genuine NZ Maori poi! OK, they may have been for the tourists, but they were fun... Very light, so hard to use though.

Julie did basic butterfly, her first poi stunt!

And what have I learnt?
  • 3bt butterfly turns both ways!
Currently attempting hyperloops, buggering hard!

Thursday, November 11, 2004



This is all a bit dry, really. All a bit "This is what I learnt ". So how can I change that?

Ok. This PoiLog started as Spherculism died, the server going tits up as detailed here.
This sucks. I only just found Spherculism, started watching the vids, finding out what this Poi marlarkey was all about. I only just started posting on it's extremely friendly forum. Wank.

Bring back Spherculism! There's so much invaluable information on the site, and I wanna learn btb 3bt weave, shoulder reels, hip reels, atoms etc.


Starting Point

This is a list of the Poi tricks that I can do, and a vague indication of dates on which I learnt them. They're in the order that I learnt them in.

Pre-5th November:
  • Corkscrew
  • 3bt weave forwards
  • Threading the needle inwards
  • 5bt weave
  • 3bt weave reverse
  • 3bt weave turns both sides, both directions

8th November
  • Basic butterfly
  • Butterfly weave LH forwards
  • Z-plane 3bt weave

10th November
  • Butterfly weave RH forwards
  • Butterfly weave turns (towards hand going backwards)
  • Threading the needle outwards
  • Butterfly weave Z-plane (badly!)
  • Stalls RH


The Beginning

"In the beginning there was Poi. And God were well pleased."
- Misquote from the Black Country Bible.

I have been doing Poi for approximately one month. I'm not very good. However, I thought that it may be interesting to keep a log of my progress, and to get comments on what I should try next.

So here's the PoiLog! Hopefully I won't be such a lazy bastard that it disappears into the ether like a fart in the night, but you never can tell.

Oh, and happy Poiing!

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